The Corn Field (SL’s Twilight Zone)

The Corn Field

The Corn Field

I ended up finding this location just by chance. Its such a strange mysterious place, this is one of the SL’s uncommonly known places I’ve been searching for.

The Corn Field, was a place created in Second Life by the Lindens. If people were doing too much griefing to others among other bad things little avatars do. They would be sent to The Corn Field. It was basically a prison to SL residents the Lindens would send you there for amounts of time depending on what you did. The only things there is a t.v. that replays 1940’s black & white channels, a little fire pit area, a tractor with a bad attitude, and endless rows on corn.

The one thing, you could not escape, so no tp’ing out of this location to save yourself. Once your bored of all the corn.


As of right now, you can see the location on the map when searched for. But, you can not actually teleport into The Corn Field. Apparently they do open it up time to time, for special events or around Halloween. So, keep your eyes peeled never know when they might open it up again. And, send all the bad avatars back to The Corn Field. 😛

If, you’d still like to take your chances & travel their yourself, here’s the landmark.

Toodles , till next time


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