* Never Grow Up *

This post hits a little closer to home. A couple days ago I had watched the movie Hook, which I have loved since I was little when it first came out. I can bet I wore out the VHS that it was on, from all the replay.


So, I thought hmmm…. I wonder if there is anything Peter Pan or Neverland related in Second Life.

At first I had found post from the early 2000’s on a Peter Pan themed location, but sadly it no longer exists, and the second place I found was on MJ’s Neverland Ranch. All which are wonderful, but not exactly what I was searching for.


Then to my surprise, I found a place called The New Neverland, Never Grow Up Adoption’s, and I was super excited. Haha really I almost felt like a child again.

Aviary Photo_130455557472450243

Turns out that my Uncle Scorch (Scorch Lundquist/Warrior) is a Co-Owner along with his family: Elisa Lundquist (wife), Jess Marie Lundquist (daughter), and Ama Kaira Arkright-Optera (mother-in-law) who all help run this location. Along with the builders/employees who have done and amazing job : Kiddo Figga Arkright ,Drewcifer.Woodrunner ,Serenity Remsen . Majority of the building has been done by : Drewcifer.Woodrunner , and Kiddo Figga Arkright. Who by looking at every detail added to this SIM, you can tell heart was definitely put into this location.

 This New Neverland is set up amazingly they even went off a map from the book to make the location as realistic to the book as they could. Also worked on the water ways trying to make them as accurate as possible.

Aviary Photo_130454728151636619

When you first land you are greated by every character from the story that you love Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinker Bell, Capt. James Hook, and last but not least Mr. Scheme . To the left in the ocean you can see Capt. Hook’s ship which in the future could host some awesome dance parties aboard ( Def. looking forward to that), amazing Gacha events for the future, paintball, and greedy games also.

Aviary Photo_130455558780511614

Something a bit different here than other locations, but still holds true to Peter’s story. Helping out the Lost Boys. This destination is also an Adoption agency named Never Grow Up (which fits this area perfectly). So, for anyone looking to adopt or even being a foster family this is a great place to head to, with panels for orphans and parents. They also have a medical area for anyone needing a bit of help with the little ones.

Aviary Photo_130454722415349205

As, I walked around from the entrance the first area I found myself looking at is a small bunker where you can play paint ball. I’ve never played before but knowing that its here, I think I may have to try it out.

Aviary Photo_130454750786584647

Next I found a bunch of shopping kiosks down this path, filled with plenty of childrens clothing and different items. A lovely place to go if you are looking to by your little prince or princess something new.

Aviary Photo_130454753832889809

Not too far from the Kiosks is also a Building with shops and some Gacha machines.

Aviary Photo_130454755389816492

There are some cute little camps and tents set up, with a small pillow out front saying (Goodnight Moon)

Aviary Photo_130454750112956032

And, campfires throughout the SIM.

Aviary Photo_130454752872210406

Towards the far end from the entrance, you will find yourself in front of the beautiful log cabin home, for all of the children.

Aviary Photo_130454729951566087

Out front there is a wonderful play area and jungle gym.

Aviary Photo_130454752014030044

As, you walk through the front door you see a very large front room, where a T.V. will be placed. For family movie’s and game nights.

Aviary Photo_130454747092863973

Walk to the right and you will see their beautiful kitchen and cafeteria. Soon, the entire SIM will be all 100% Life HUD compatible. Creating a more life like environment, and making everything more realistic. Where eating, sleeping, bathing are all necessities to stay healthy or the life meter starts to go down.

Aviary Photo_130454746427035939

Also on the first floor of the cabin you will find the rooms for Senior and Jr. guards. They are here to watch over all of the children and make sure they stay safe, so nothing bad happens to them.

Aviary Photo_130454745300835675

Next fallow your way up the gorgeous spiral staircase upstairs, where you will see a lovely open room. Upstairs you can find the children’s rooms. Both decorated one for boys and another separate room for the girls. The beds are these adorable little ships, they even have a small wheel so they can pretend to be sailing across the seven seas.

Aviary Photo_130454731237133719 Aviary Photo_130454745853873845

Each of the rooms also has a patio, with cute telescopes so the kids can stare up at the nights sky star gazing.

Aviary Photo_130454748542615778

The other side also has a very large veranda with a beautiful fireplace, to keep everyone all toasty warm.

Aviary Photo_130454747698785100

Right outside the log cabin you will find a rope bridge that leads to a large hill, and another rope bridge that fallows up to this beautiful floating island. with old ruins, a small fire pit. Looks like an amazing area to sit around and tell ghost stories 🙂 .

Aviary Photo_130454756281695196

Besides the amazing landscapes. I love the beautiful mountains and volcano’s you can see in the distance, along with the glassy water surrounding the island.

Aviary Photo_130454758586343436

The other amazing aspect of this location, if you are looking to adopt or foster a child. They have a process to set up the right child with the right family. To make sure that everyone meshes well and will get along with each other. Which I think is very important when it comes to adopting, want to make sure everyone gets along together 🙂 .

Things are still being built up on the island, so what I’ve shown here are not the only things you will be able to find. Like always I leave things open for you to explore. I hope everyone takes a moment to get fly back into childhood and take a trip to Neverland. I know I love the motto “Never grow up”, its simple and true.

But, you are only as old as you feel.


Happy exploring-

Toodles , till next time

P.s.- Keep in mind next month they will be hosting a huge bazaar and gacha event. Make sure to check it out, everyone loves Gacha’s 😀

* Rico’s Tea House *

After a stressful week or day, everyone needs somewhere to be able to just kick back and relax.


Aviary Photo_130451260514470141

This was my goal, and I think I found it at Rico’s Tea House.

Aviary Photo_130451227715968725

From right when you land, the whole set up and landscaping of the sim, is very relaxing and comforting. So first thing I did was grab a seat in front of the shop, and started to take in everything that I could see around me.

Right behind me in the picture is a very picturesque bay, with a few sailboats filling up the docks. Even spending a bit of time by the water was wonderful.

Aviary Photo_130451220766322963

Besides the bay you can also find walkways that lead to fountains, little lemonade stands, and beautiful gardens.

Aviary Photo_130451274723741639

As for the Tea House its self I loved the decor inside, I could look at it everyday. The whole set up is beautiful even at first glance.

Aviary Photo_130451228997551571

Right as you step inside you find yourself in a room with plenty of seating, and filled with roses. The first thing that caught my eye was the chandelier which is amazing.

Aviary Photo_130451257957813915

Directly to the left of this room is a similar area, but has tables and chairs. The tables filled with cupcakes, coffee, tea, macarons, cakes and other delicious treats.

Aviary Photo_130451259297424980

And right agaisnt the wall, you can find anything your little heart may desire. (well in treats at least 🙂  )

Aviary Photo_130451259884300922

If sitting inside is not your thing, and you may be looking for something a bit more private. There are these beautiful silk covered tents outside with seating also. Spend sometime surrounded by lavender and lemon trees.

Aviary Photo_130451261212099988

Besides what I have shown you, this isnt half of what you can see. There is even a pool on top of a hill, but I’ll leave that for everyone to explore. The best part about Rico’s is –

Aviary Photo_130451266007657574They are always open!!!

So, what are you waiting for. Take a peaceful break, or bring that special someone you’ve been trying to find a way to ask out. Having a cup of coffee is always a great ice breaker.


I hope everyone enjoys this Tea House as much as I have.

Aviary Photo_130451281509857530

Happy exploring-

Toodles , till next time

* Social Media *

As a bit of time has passed from creating this page. I had decided to make an exstension from my Facebook page, and go a head and make fan page for Tour SL. Took some time to get things all together had a few problems starting up the page. But, everything worked out and here it is.


Aviary Photo_130446021481321051

I hope everyone takes a moment to check out and like the page, if you happen to find yourself on Facebook often. Its also an easy way to find out about new posts on my blog. You can also find my personal Facebook page here-


Sammie Farlight –


Always up for making new friends, the more the merrier. Love meeting amazing people from all over.

Hope to see you all soon-

Toodles , till next time

* Journey to the Center of the Earth *

Naut Today We’ll be out on a Jules Verne adventure

I fell upon this place by accident, at the time I had been searching around for deep sea areas. And wound up here at-

World of the Nautilus


Did a bit of exploring and found a lot more that I had expected to find. When you land you see the same as the picture above, a sign says Mermaid Cove with a pretty skinny looking pirate to the right. You are given the opportunity to travel the waters by boat if you would like. Click upon one of the signs and the boat will Rez right next to the dock.

Like my other post’s I will put up my favorite locations that I came across, but to post everything would take away from everyone’s chance to be able to explore the SIM on their own. 😀

Onto my first stop, anyone familiar with Jules Verne will love what you can find here. Hopping on a boat you can see a small island in the distance, first glance you spot a small native woman sitting near a fire.

Aviary Photo_130444313119735470

Towards the other side of the SIM there is another island, called Cannibal Island. Where if you touch the “green” Totem actual Cannibals will come after you. So make sure to run, or at least have some kind of weapon to protect your self.

Aviary Photo_130444312295053830

Followed after being chased down by hungry cannibals you can take a few trips. The first spot I found was Cannon headed towards the moon.

Aviary Photo_130444324478229236

If you have a bit of trouble finding this cannon on your own, I’ll post the link below. The location for this is elevated a bit.


When you sit down in the Cannon, you are shot up into the air and land nose first into the moon. Given the perfect view of Earth. But, before you get on the cannon do not forget to grab a copy of your space gear. There is also a laser gun in the package, to help you take care of the aliens you may come across as you explore the depths of the moon.

Aviary Photo_130444328534111292

After landing take a walk around there is a small crater that heads deep into the moon.

Once I found my way back to Earth, I  decided to head over to the Center of the Earth. Just like the moon, do not forget the gear from the entrance, it will come in handy with the monsters living below.

Aviary Photo_130444323436690182 As you step inside the machine, walk to the front and have a seat. Soon the nose will dig its way into the Earth’s Core. Where you can start your Inner Earth adventure.

Aviary Photo_130444315747547969

The first room you head into is covered in mushrooms. Try not to get too close, a few of them are sneaky creatures.

Aviary Photo_130444316775829113There are many levels into the core, and many fossils you can gather along the way. But, as you go through the creatures seem to get bigger and bigger.  And they will come after you, Some quicker than others.

Aviary Photo_130444320212990845After finding the way back to the mainland, from fighting  to survive the monsters you’ve found, and make sure to stay alive otherwise you will be sent back to the entrance.

Spend a bit of time walking the mainland, there’s a small town with different buildings. One also has a mechanical whale you can hop on. I thought it was fun. I love silly addons like these.

Aviary Photo_130444329896421549

Last but not least, the main reason I found this location. The ocean-

You can either take your chances and swim through without being attacked, travel by submarine, or walk through the observatory.

Aviary Photo_130444314647195128

There are plenty of other areas, and small details to explore throughout this . A few are a bit scattered, but I really had a great time running from the monsters haha. I wasn’t expecting any in the first place. 😛

I hope everyone takes a trip bring some friends with you can watch eachother’s back, take on the creatures together.

Happy exploring-

Toodles , till next time

* Kona Beach *

With, as much rain that I have been dealing with in RL. I needed to take a little break, a trip down to the beach. This is the beach I decided to escape too. A beautiful Island created by Dax & Lilly Kona.
*Kona Beach*



What I love about this place, is how relaxing the entire area is. And there are plenty of little spots where you can be alone, and share a romantic moment with that special someone.


Little pathways like this, take you to little pools where you can float around. I love this small grotto, the best part is if you continue to fallow the path all the way to the top of the steps, there is a nice area to relax, swim, and watch the sunset bouncing off the ocean shore.


There is also a little bonfire to spend time around, telling stories and cuddling when the sun finally sets.


Along with being able to take a nice romantic horseback ride across the beach.


Also point your viewing up to the top of the cliff, you’ll see a giant purple hang-glider.


But, my two favorite parts I’ve saved for last. There is a momma leather back turtle that pulls her self out of the ocean, and lays her eggs in the sand. And if you stay to wait a moment after she leaves you will get the chance to see some little baby turtles run their little legs into the ocean.

KONA-Beache-Leatherback-Turtle_001KONA-Beache-Leatherback-Turtle-baby_001 And dont forget to fallow the baby turtle into the ocean, so you can see my next favorite part of this beach. The ocean reef below, where you can swim with stingrays, sharks and little fishes.

KONA-Beache-2reef_001 KONA-Beache-3reef_001

And, leaving just a bit of surprise, for everyone these small bit of pictures are not close to everything this beach paradise has to offer. Check every area along the island, there’s small hidden areas just out of view, you may miss otherwise.


Have fun spending the day at the beach, catching a bit a surf & sun rays 😀

Toodles , till next time

P.s. –  Don’t forget to say hello to their little mascot