* Twosome for Tata’s fallowup after-event *

I had created a post before hand to let everyone know about this event. And after being there, and how amazing it was. I would love to show everyone a few bits of highlights from the night. To start things off, here is some information which helped this event come about.


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer or MSABC is the largest network of breast cancer awareness events in the nation, uniting more than 300 communities to finish the fight. Every breast cancer walk and event is an incredible and inspiring opportunity to honor those who have battled breast cancer, raise awareness about what we can do to reduce our breast cancer risk, and race money to help the American Cancer Society fight the disease with research, information, services, and access to mammograms for women who need them.


In 1984, Massachusetts cancer survivor Margery Gould Rath wanted to find a way to celebrate fellow cancer survivors by raising funds for the American Cancer Society. Working with a committee of fellow survivors and other volunteers, “Margie” created a “move-along-a-thon” called Making Strides Against Cancer to bring people together in an event to move the fight against cancer forward. The first event, held in Boston, drew 200 participants and instantly became an annual city tradition.

In 1993, the event officially became known as the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, attracting 4,000 walkers at events in Boston and in Manchester, New Hampshire. Since then, Margie’s vision has inspired 8 million walkers to participate in Making Strides events in more than 270 communities across the country, raising more than $460 million to fight breast cancer. Margie remained a dedicated Making Strides volunteer until she lost her battle with cancer in 2001.

The progress we’re making because of Making Strides supporters like Margie is nothing short of remarkable. But it’s no time to rest. That’s why we need your help. More walkers mean the next big breast cancer research breakthrough. More walkers mean free lodging and rides to treatment for breast cancer patients who need it. More walkers fundraising mean more survivors who will celebrate more birthdays.


Since this is such a beautiful charity that has done many wonderful things. I was very grateful to be involved in this event. So, thank you very much Sarah (sarahelisebeth.brenham) and Polly (polly.steerpike) for creating & allowing me to be part of this night. I appreciate it 🙂 These two are also the Co-owners of the Arbor Restaurant, which is a beautiful romantic venue.

This night began with a glass of Champagne, as we waited for everyone to arrive. Starting off in a relaxing way was wonderful. As everyone arrived. We were presented out tables where we would be seated during the evening.

The evening was filled with some beautiful music, I really enjoyed listening to soft classic rock, and beautiful renditions put together by Rose (therose) , LuhreBrann, and a special apperance by CherishShadow.

Rose (therose) and LuhreBrann

Rose (therose) and LuhreBrann


Rose (therose) & CherishShadow

Rose (therose) & CherishShadow

The evening was also filled with many amazing dish’s I loved everything on the menu, which was filled with so many great options.

Event Appetizers

Event Appetizers

During the Appetizers I had the Stuffed Tomato, which was beautifully prepared.

Event Entrees

Event Entrees

During the Entree portion I had the Garlic & Brown Sugar Chicken, which I loved. This was a spectacular item.

And we finished with Desert, which was very lovely.

Event Dessert

Event Dessert

I had the Bake Custard, that I loved. 🙂

Baked Custard

Baked Custard



This evening was a very romantic event for the evening. The music selections were perfect. And filled the surroundings for a magical night. I really had a beautiful time, this became a very special night for everyone involved.


If you happened to have missed this event, I hope you try to get to one. You will love every bit about it.

If you would like to see the first post, I had created for The Arbor Restaurant you can find it here \/


Toodles , till next time

* Arbor Twosome for Tatas *

Arbor Twosome for Tatas

Here we have an amazing event coming up on October 11, 2014 . Setting up for an amazing great cause. Supporting the fight against Breast Cancer. This will be hosted by the Arbor Restaurant. Below I’ll post the information for this lovely event, hope everyone gets in this. The night will be spectacular.

$250L per head.

Arrive 6.45pm for 7pm Start

11th October 2014

Join us in an Evening of  Fine Food and Ear pleasing Entertainment in

support of SL Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

Dine from Arbor’s Romantic Menu

while enjoying the Voices of our

Terrific Twosome

Rose (therose) and LuhreBrann.

Let’s make this a wonderful night

While supporting the fight against Breast Cancer.

Contact : Sarahelisabeth Brenham  or Polly Steerpike  for ticket sales.

Limited Tickets available

All Money from Ticket sales goes to

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Hope to see you all there 😀 I had also written previously on the Arbor Restaurant. If you would like to see that post check out this link ~   https://sammie1154.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/the-arbor-restaurant-of-romance/


Toodles , till next time

* Enchanted Tiki Room *

So, I spent this last weekend out doing birthday things. Which was an awesome time. Got back and found out one of my favorite places had added a new ride!!!

Very excited-

Welcome to Magicland’s new


The Enchanted Tiki Room ~!

Aviary Photo_130566028479138835

I had posted about The Tiki room before it was finnished in an earlier post of my tour around Disney Sim’s in Sl. So, I am happy to post that everything is finnished. It’ll take you back, because everything is perfectly matched to the ride itself. Kristie Beck and the other builder/creators have done an amazing job.

Directly to the right of the Tiki Room, you can even grab yourself one of the amazing Pineapple Whips, and the best part unlike the real Disney parks you will not be waiting an hour until you get one of your own. Gotta love that 😀

Aviary Photo_130566036336571199

After you step through the entrance way of The Enchanted Tiki Room, next to the stairs you will see a small Totem make sure to click on the little guy. He is there to pre-load all of the sounds & music for the ride, and without clicking on him you wont be able to get into the Tiki Room.

Aviary Photo_130566034955227084

When you step inside find your self a seat along one of the four walls, there are benches set up around the room.

Once the doors close your lovely host will come in and let the birds know they have guest waiting.

Aviary Photo_130566009941887433

Sit down, sit back, and enjoy this wonderful show.

Aviary Photo_130566007301732670

Of beautiful colors, very talented birds,

Aviary Photo_130566022553125300

some lively singing flowers,

Aviary Photo_130566026051005247

and even a few totems join in.

Aviary Photo_130566026922073611

This only gives you a slight preview of this amazing show. Everything in here works like clockwork, and brings back some great memories. If you get the chance swing on by to check out the new amusement at Magicland Park.

Aviary Photo_130566011142128195

Taxi to The Enchanted Tiki Room \/


And if you would like to see my previous post on Magicland Park , you can find it here ~



Happy exploring-

Toodles ,  till next time