* Nightfall Cities – Winter wonderland *

nightfall-cities-welcome_001_editedMerry Belated Christmas everyone ~!!

\/ Taxi \/


I hope everyone is having a great time during the Holidays. Christmas may have ended yesterday, but there are still plenty of places to enjoy some winter fun in SL.


I stopped by Nightfall City to see what sort of things I could find. And, if you love beautiful places or have been looking for some great landscapes for winter photography. This is definitely a destination you should check out.


I had a lot of fun walking around this giant winter wonderland.

Some areas are snowy


some even have palm trees


and there are parts where you are in a complete blizzard


This land is filled with beautiful scenes, animals, homes, cars, places for you to relax, and many other amazing winter activities.


If you are looking for some winter time beauty this is where you need to be.


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I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas & that you have an extra amazing New Year ~

One last thing. After the New Year Tour-Sl will be going through some big exciting changes. I can’t wait for everyone to see. 😀

Happy Exploring, Till next time

Toodles TTFN ~!!!

* Exploring L.E.A. *


Here is the first of my mini-exploration at the L.E.A. Sim in Second Life. Before I dive in and pick a specific spot I’d like to cover, I just decided to wander around.

Wanting to get a feel for what I might come across.


The great thing I found is every area you visit is completely different from the next.


This is such a fun area to get lost in, you never know what you may find. So many creators have put so much into these amazing builds.


In the post before this I put up links if anyone is interested to learn more about the Linden L.E.A. Sims in Second Life. I’ll add this here if you want to check it out. \/ \/



In the next post I’ll be touring specific areas that have really stood out. I hope you enjoy these & also want to check out L.E.A. its such a diverse, and has plenty for everyone to enjoy.


\/ If you would like to check out LEA head over to the Welcome Area here \/

Happy Exploring, Till next time

Toodles TTFN ~!!!

* Early Valentines ~ Welcome to FRANCE PORTNAWAK – Aquarelle *

Just in time for Valentines Day ~

Along with being my 1st year anniversary post~ Hurray ~!!

It has been one year since I started up TourSL searching the grid for destinations to visit. So, I wanted to find something different. And, I stumbled across one of the most beautiful and dreamy locations that I’ve seen.

Aviary Photo_130681141756672498

Welcome to France Portnawak – Aquarelle

Taxi \/


Aviary Photo_130681143980676391

This beautiful location makes you feel like you stepped into a watercolor painting. There are transparent areas in the trees and landscape that gives off the feel of real watercolors.

Aviary Photo_130681133287952053

The creators of this beautiful piece of artwork brought to life are Lecia Arado & ChimKami. I had spoken with both of them, wanting to get an insight into Aquarelle. I asked where the idea for this place and the watercolor look came from. They told me that they have known each other for many years & are both very tuned to one another. This idea started out with the feelings of being Zen & peaceful.

Aviary Photo_130681124515615538

From the idea of a tree they spoke and discussed their feelings while collaborating with each other to put their feelings into the SIM. Creating the outline of the area, of lightness & serenity everything started to evolve from there.

Aviary Photo_130681129537429527

Into a beautiful misty transparent watercolor world that you see now.

Aviary Photo_130681137559206783

They really wanted the softness of color to show something clean & pure. For them it wasn’t a set out plan. As their imaginations started forming different ideas this beautiful location emerged from them. Showing something that these two are very proud to show & want to share with everyone.

Aviary Photo_130681139261064742

And this is what their moods & imaginations transformed into.

Aviary Photo_130681136328329807Aviary Photo_130681134921476404

There is also a shop at the top. Where some free mesh items for men & women are along with other items that can be bought. All of the profits from the items are used  for the benefit of the SIM.

I hope everyone takes a visit to this lovely place. And being close to Valentines day you could bring that special someone for a perfect date. Their are beautiful spots for photos.

Aviary Photo_130681117252175150

An area where you can get a horse to ride,

Aviary Photo_130681117804576428

And also areas for couples to dance around the painted colors.

Aviary Photo_130681120252609736

There is also a board with the different spots you can TP too.

Aviary Photo_130681144925753832

Taxi \/


Happy Valentines Day Everyone ~!

And here’s to starting the 2nd year of TourSL ~

Happy Exploring, Till next time

Toodles TTFN ~!!!

* Parfum de Cristal’s beautiful winter wonderland & Advents *

Being in the Winter/Christmas Spirit, I have been taking full advantage of this time of year. From decorating the home, to visiting Santa, and checking out all of the amazing Advents that are featured this year in Second Life.

From checking out the list of different advent calendars to grab up some great Christmas items from. I ended up finding this amazing winter wonderland, where one of the advents are located.

This place is beautiful

Welcome to –

Aviary Photo_130628569666163352

Parfum de Cristal  \/ Taxi \/


And you can also find all the links & locations for all of the Advent Calendars here.


Theres a lot of amazing stores with great gifts at all of those locations.

But, back to Parfum de Cristal’s beautiful winter wonderland –

Aviary Photo_130628576356252909

Right after you land, the first things you’ll see is this beautiful home along an icy river, and also Santa sitting upon a train, scooting around a Christmas tree.

Aviary Photo_130628591851090156

There is also a lovely lighthouse a bit into the distance that you can walk to, climb to the top and see a view of the surrounding area.

Aviary Photo_130628581590982843

The first two spots I ended up finding were buried in the woods a bit. One was the icy Carousel that is so pretty. And also this small little winter park that looks perfect to Christmas photos.

Aviary Photo_130628580346004832

Aviary Photo_130628585271739265

There are lots of beautiful areas for photo op’s here.

Aviary Photo_130628575238445993 Aviary Photo_130628572055929834 Aviary Photo_130628566026991963

Along with the beautiful mountains, you can find this gorgeous house sitting a top a hill. And right in front of the home you’ll find three grazing reindeer.

Aviary Photo_130628590748876736 Aviary Photo_130628593685084524

Besides the reindeer you can find many other animals around this SIM. Even a Polar bear and Penguins floating on a mini ice burg.

Aviary Photo_130628589793890139

You can also go sledding and do some ice skating 😀

Aviary Photo_130628573722071676 Aviary Photo_130628579078760988

And before you decide to leave, don’t miss the chance to watch the Northern Lights bounce across the nights sky.

Aviary Photo_130628588807176554

” It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas “

I love this time of year, its so full of love.

I hope everyone takes a trip to this lovely snowy area. I’ll post up another taxi below. Also, don’t miss out on the great gifts from the advent calendars.

\/ Taxi \/


\/ And for the advent calendars \/


Happy Exploring, Till next time

Toodles TTFN ~!!!

* Pandora Universe – Na’vi Planet Avatar *

After doing a bit of random hopping and searching. Some how I found this, which was an awesome surprise.

And I bring to you-

Pandora Universe – Na’vi Planet Avatar




Anyone who has ever seen the movie Avatar. Will already know what you might come across upon visiting. Everything you might be thinking is probably completely correct.


This whole area is filled with so many amazing colors.

Aviary Photo_130602568860721946

Beautiful plants,

Aviary Photo_130602568207995345

and animals.

Aviary Photo_130602566483689925

There are so many areas you can walk through even little paths that may seem hidden.


Climb through the levels of a giant tree, see where the Na’vi people sleep, eat, meditate, heal each other, along with many other wonderful sights.


Its amazing being able to immerse yourself into this movie. Everything has been brought to life.


I really loved being able to see the floating mountains. Such an amazing place.

Once you get to the floating mountains, its so beautiful up there. Just make sure not to fall off.

Aviary Photo_130610074454671013

You can also check out the human area, to see the machines that helped the humans turn into the Na’vi people.


Along with the rest of the items used by the humans.

Avatarenter-science area_001_edited

These are only a few of the things you can see as you explore this area. Make sure to wear the explorers tag from the entrance. Before you tp into Na’vi territory. Don’t want to be a threat to the Na’vi people, who you can run into while you are here. This is also a great spot for photos, I can’t get over how amazing the colors are. So vibrant.

I really hope everyone takes a moment out of busy days or night. To do a bit of wandering around Planet Avatar. You will  not be disappointed.

Catch you guys next time.

Taxi \/


Happy Exploring, Till next time

Toodles TTFN ~!!!

* Rico’s Tea House *

After a stressful week or day, everyone needs somewhere to be able to just kick back and relax.


Aviary Photo_130451260514470141

This was my goal, and I think I found it at Rico’s Tea House.

Aviary Photo_130451227715968725

From right when you land, the whole set up and landscaping of the sim, is very relaxing and comforting. So first thing I did was grab a seat in front of the shop, and started to take in everything that I could see around me.

Right behind me in the picture is a very picturesque bay, with a few sailboats filling up the docks. Even spending a bit of time by the water was wonderful.

Aviary Photo_130451220766322963

Besides the bay you can also find walkways that lead to fountains, little lemonade stands, and beautiful gardens.

Aviary Photo_130451274723741639

As for the Tea House its self I loved the decor inside, I could look at it everyday. The whole set up is beautiful even at first glance.

Aviary Photo_130451228997551571

Right as you step inside you find yourself in a room with plenty of seating, and filled with roses. The first thing that caught my eye was the chandelier which is amazing.

Aviary Photo_130451257957813915

Directly to the left of this room is a similar area, but has tables and chairs. The tables filled with cupcakes, coffee, tea, macarons, cakes and other delicious treats.

Aviary Photo_130451259297424980

And right agaisnt the wall, you can find anything your little heart may desire. (well in treats at least 🙂  )

Aviary Photo_130451259884300922

If sitting inside is not your thing, and you may be looking for something a bit more private. There are these beautiful silk covered tents outside with seating also. Spend sometime surrounded by lavender and lemon trees.

Aviary Photo_130451261212099988

Besides what I have shown you, this isnt half of what you can see. There is even a pool on top of a hill, but I’ll leave that for everyone to explore. The best part about Rico’s is –

Aviary Photo_130451266007657574They are always open!!!

So, what are you waiting for. Take a peaceful break, or bring that special someone you’ve been trying to find a way to ask out. Having a cup of coffee is always a great ice breaker.


I hope everyone enjoys this Tea House as much as I have.

Aviary Photo_130451281509857530

Happy exploring-

Toodles , till next time

* Kona Beach *

With, as much rain that I have been dealing with in RL. I needed to take a little break, a trip down to the beach. This is the beach I decided to escape too. A beautiful Island created by Dax & Lilly Kona.
*Kona Beach*



What I love about this place, is how relaxing the entire area is. And there are plenty of little spots where you can be alone, and share a romantic moment with that special someone.


Little pathways like this, take you to little pools where you can float around. I love this small grotto, the best part is if you continue to fallow the path all the way to the top of the steps, there is a nice area to relax, swim, and watch the sunset bouncing off the ocean shore.


There is also a little bonfire to spend time around, telling stories and cuddling when the sun finally sets.


Along with being able to take a nice romantic horseback ride across the beach.


Also point your viewing up to the top of the cliff, you’ll see a giant purple hang-glider.


But, my two favorite parts I’ve saved for last. There is a momma leather back turtle that pulls her self out of the ocean, and lays her eggs in the sand. And if you stay to wait a moment after she leaves you will get the chance to see some little baby turtles run their little legs into the ocean.

KONA-Beache-Leatherback-Turtle_001KONA-Beache-Leatherback-Turtle-baby_001 And dont forget to fallow the baby turtle into the ocean, so you can see my next favorite part of this beach. The ocean reef below, where you can swim with stingrays, sharks and little fishes.

KONA-Beache-2reef_001 KONA-Beache-3reef_001

And, leaving just a bit of surprise, for everyone these small bit of pictures are not close to everything this beach paradise has to offer. Check every area along the island, there’s small hidden areas just out of view, you may miss otherwise.


Have fun spending the day at the beach, catching a bit a surf & sun rays 😀

Toodles , till next time

P.s. –  Don’t forget to say hello to their little mascot