* The Leviathan Skeleton *

This is a pretty cool location, I had come across it while I was out boating around. I ended up flying right into this island and couldn’t believe what I saw in front of me.

Welcome to The Leviathan Skeleton



As you can see there is a giant dinosaur skeleton on top of this island in the middle of the sea.


From the head all the way to the tail you can see this skeleton is a giant.


There is even a pool that fills the center of the island where you can float around on little tubes.


Different places to relax along the beach.


And plenty of sunken ships, along with other items to explore in the center lagoon.


You might even get lucky to spot sailboats cruising around you, this area of the sea is also used for sailboat races.


I happened to just catch someone nearby practicing for their next up coming race. And they really are cruising fast on the water.

I actually really enjoyed finding this location, and finding it by chance made this all the more fun to write about. The Leviathan island is a very relaxing place to just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday things, or just to explore. There’s a small pier on the island where you can rez a boat into the water and set out to see what you can come across yourself. They even have a little free sailboat to pickup for those without boats of their own. Its a nice simple sailboat that’s also easy to steer and maneuver around places.


I hope everyone has fun adventuring to this Dino island like I have. See ya next time ~

(taxi to The Leviathan Skeleton below \/ )


Happy exploring-

Toodles ,  till next time

* Kona Beach *

With, as much rain that I have been dealing with in RL. I needed to take a little break, a trip down to the beach. This is the beach I decided to escape too. A beautiful Island created by Dax & Lilly Kona.
*Kona Beach*



What I love about this place, is how relaxing the entire area is. And there are plenty of little spots where you can be alone, and share a romantic moment with that special someone.


Little pathways like this, take you to little pools where you can float around. I love this small grotto, the best part is if you continue to fallow the path all the way to the top of the steps, there is a nice area to relax, swim, and watch the sunset bouncing off the ocean shore.


There is also a little bonfire to spend time around, telling stories and cuddling when the sun finally sets.


Along with being able to take a nice romantic horseback ride across the beach.


Also point your viewing up to the top of the cliff, you’ll see a giant purple hang-glider.


But, my two favorite parts I’ve saved for last. There is a momma leather back turtle that pulls her self out of the ocean, and lays her eggs in the sand. And if you stay to wait a moment after she leaves you will get the chance to see some little baby turtles run their little legs into the ocean.

KONA-Beache-Leatherback-Turtle_001KONA-Beache-Leatherback-Turtle-baby_001 And dont forget to fallow the baby turtle into the ocean, so you can see my next favorite part of this beach. The ocean reef below, where you can swim with stingrays, sharks and little fishes.

KONA-Beache-2reef_001 KONA-Beache-3reef_001

And, leaving just a bit of surprise, for everyone these small bit of pictures are not close to everything this beach paradise has to offer. Check every area along the island, there’s small hidden areas just out of view, you may miss otherwise.


Have fun spending the day at the beach, catching a bit a surf & sun rays 😀

Toodles , till next time

P.s. –  Don’t forget to say hello to their little mascot