* Journey to the Center of the Earth *

Naut Today We’ll be out on a Jules Verne adventure

I fell upon this place by accident, at the time I had been searching around for deep sea areas. And wound up here at-

World of the Nautilus


Did a bit of exploring and found a lot more that I had expected to find. When you land you see the same as the picture above, a sign says Mermaid Cove with a pretty skinny looking pirate to the right. You are given the opportunity to travel the waters by boat if you would like. Click upon one of the signs and the boat will Rez right next to the dock.

Like my other post’s I will put up my favorite locations that I came across, but to post everything would take away from everyone’s chance to be able to explore the SIM on their own. 😀

Onto my first stop, anyone familiar with Jules Verne will love what you can find here. Hopping on a boat you can see a small island in the distance, first glance you spot a small native woman sitting near a fire.

Aviary Photo_130444313119735470

Towards the other side of the SIM there is another island, called Cannibal Island. Where if you touch the “green” Totem actual Cannibals will come after you. So make sure to run, or at least have some kind of weapon to protect your self.

Aviary Photo_130444312295053830

Followed after being chased down by hungry cannibals you can take a few trips. The first spot I found was Cannon headed towards the moon.

Aviary Photo_130444324478229236

If you have a bit of trouble finding this cannon on your own, I’ll post the link below. The location for this is elevated a bit.


When you sit down in the Cannon, you are shot up into the air and land nose first into the moon. Given the perfect view of Earth. But, before you get on the cannon do not forget to grab a copy of your space gear. There is also a laser gun in the package, to help you take care of the aliens you may come across as you explore the depths of the moon.

Aviary Photo_130444328534111292

After landing take a walk around there is a small crater that heads deep into the moon.

Once I found my way back to Earth, I  decided to head over to the Center of the Earth. Just like the moon, do not forget the gear from the entrance, it will come in handy with the monsters living below.

Aviary Photo_130444323436690182 As you step inside the machine, walk to the front and have a seat. Soon the nose will dig its way into the Earth’s Core. Where you can start your Inner Earth adventure.

Aviary Photo_130444315747547969

The first room you head into is covered in mushrooms. Try not to get too close, a few of them are sneaky creatures.

Aviary Photo_130444316775829113There are many levels into the core, and many fossils you can gather along the way. But, as you go through the creatures seem to get bigger and bigger.  And they will come after you, Some quicker than others.

Aviary Photo_130444320212990845After finding the way back to the mainland, from fighting  to survive the monsters you’ve found, and make sure to stay alive otherwise you will be sent back to the entrance.

Spend a bit of time walking the mainland, there’s a small town with different buildings. One also has a mechanical whale you can hop on. I thought it was fun. I love silly addons like these.

Aviary Photo_130444329896421549

Last but not least, the main reason I found this location. The ocean-

You can either take your chances and swim through without being attacked, travel by submarine, or walk through the observatory.

Aviary Photo_130444314647195128

There are plenty of other areas, and small details to explore throughout this . A few are a bit scattered, but I really had a great time running from the monsters haha. I wasn’t expecting any in the first place. 😛

I hope everyone takes a trip bring some friends with you can watch eachother’s back, take on the creatures together.

Happy exploring-

Toodles , till next time