* Early Halloween *

My most favorite time of the year in Second Life is Halloween. I love all the rides, costumes, decorations, and all the creepy hunts that pop-up. So since I’ve been missing it I’m throwing up a Halloween location.


This place is great the, first stop is going to be The Haunted Mansion.

Aviary Photo_130517523581639094
I love this ride, just brings back so many great memories from Disney.

On the right side as you start walking towards the mansion, there is a giant spooky pirate ship you can also check out.

Aviary Photo_130517535138555148

And if you continue down you will head straight for the Haunted Mansion.

Aviary Photo_130517527393744013

 Just like the real life ride, you can find the entrance with the tombstones along with a waiting time sign ( but you wont be waiting hehe).

Aviary Photo_130517532224457958

Besides the Haunted Mansion there are 3 other spooky areas to explore. The next one we’ll visit is The Zombie Hunt.

Aviary Photo_130517524926377393

And this is just as it says a zombie Hunt. Now to get through the gate their are a couple things you need to know. So don’t miss the big red sign to the left of the gate.

Aviary Photo_130517537803640851

They also supply you with a free Hud and free weapons so you can take out these crazy blood thirsty zombies.

fallowed with a dark maze you can wander through. Enter the little green hallway to the left of Zombie Hunt.

Aviary Photo_130517536199052699

You can also find Lucien Asylum

Aviary Photo_130517623059354823

Step inside this spooky Asylum if you dare.

Aviary Photo_130517624464699169

And last but not least you can ride the Bannon’s Vanisher.

Aviary Photo_130517620666229865

An old abandoned thrill ride, step on at your own risk.

Aviary Photo_130517621837469959

I love this area, gives you a taste of Halloween all year long. So when you need a spooky escape you can always head out to this location for a killer time.


I hope everyone has a great time checking out this early Halloween pick. See ya next time.-

Happy exploring-

Toodles , till next time

* Enchanted Adventures Theme Park *

With it being summer time. I have been a bit busy with vacations and actually enjoying the weather. Which I do not have the chance to do all year round. So, being in the spirit I’m putting out a theme park post ~!


And today were going to The Enchanted Adventures Theme Park !!!

Aviary Photo_130493653387227099(The first sight from landing)

This place is great, I’ve been to this park a few times over the years. I held off for a while on posting, because I know they have been doing a HUGE restoration of the entire park. Everything about this place looks new and wonderful. So, I was excited to jump in and see how it looks.

Aviary Photo_130493655575612920(outside the landing point)

Right outside of the landing point there are train tracks that lead around the entire park, from the looks this may still be under construction. But, looking forward to hopping on once its finished.

When you head out the front doors, you can walk your way down to the Main Street entrance. First time here? No problem walk to the gazibo in the center and you will find a map of the park, to help out with what you can do here. 😀

Aviary Photo_130493664791494783

Walking down Main Street, you will find plenty of shops filled with great items. From stuffed characters toys, actual character avatars, snow globes, clothing, and many other wonderful creations.

Aviary Photo_130493662781305093( statue of Oswald & Mickey )

On the right side a bit down the street you can even find the magical cinema, step on in to catch a flick on Oswald.

Aviary Photo_130493663866462626

There’s even a small arcade with many different games to play, even wack-a-mole. And the main beauty you see at the end of the street of course is. The magical castle!!!

Aviary Photo_130493661503849311

Now, when you walk through the park there are a few different ways you can go. If you decide to go straight through the castle, you can explore the inside. At the top there are beautiful paintings from all of the favorite Disney movies. And, if you head to the back of the castle there is a lovely carousel.

Aviary Photo_130493652148994534

Finding my way around the carousel. I come across a beautiful garden filled with Alice in Wonderland.

Aviary Photo_130493671117955375

This area has three different areas, you can head to the right and see recreations from the movie.

Aviary Photo_130493669678910989

Go straight into a maze, and head to wonderland.

Aviary Photo_130493671974089829

Or go left and fallow the caterpillar through Wonderland.

Aviary Photo_130493674608525328

And, next to the Alice in Wonderland right you can even wander through the Red Queens Castle.

Aviary Photo_130493673323313337

In Enchanted Adventures you can also find a Spooky Haunted Mansion.

Aviary Photo_130493660504923342(step inside, if you dare)

Near the mansion you will also find a very large Pirate Ship, along with a fishing spot.

Aviary Photo_130493667404194427

There is also a Mysterious Island,

Aviary Photo_130493666195515005

Either choose to walk along this walkway near the pirate ship. Or, take the scenic boat across.

Aviary Photo_130493650756039268

If you are a bit more adventurous you can turn left at the boat landing and see where this tunnel leads you.

Aviary Photo_130493668520735234

At the top of the Mysterious Island, you can find a Balloon ride. Which takes you on a tour of this beautiful park. Inside the Volcano is definitely a mysterious place. Filled with danger signs and bright colorful lights.

I really had a lot of fun running around Enchanted Adventures. This place has changed and grown so much since the first time I was here. And, I cant wait to see how much it grows in the future. So, get your family together and swing on by, it’s so much fun.

And beyond what I’ve shown in photos here, there are plenty of things left to explore and experience.


Happy exploring-

Toodles , till next time

* Midway State Fair *

What goes along with summer time fun, fairs. Well at least for me they’ve always been around. Growing up I use to love going to them getting on the rides or checking out the animals.

So, This is what I found.


The Midway State Fair !!!

When you land at the entrance the first thing you see if the Midway Bandstand. A place for the local live music and bands.


And what would a fair be complete without rides, food stands, and ticket stands.

Right near the entrance the next thing you see are these awesome fair rides.

A Roller Coaster, Log ride, Bumper cars, Ferris Wheel, & The Pirate Ship.


They also have a swing ride, Go-Carts, The Giant-drop, and my favorite The Freak-OUT!!


Along with popcorn and other food stands. Don’t forget to grab your tickets~

Don’t miss the Lava Maze, where you can grab some items find out how well you can maneuver your self and take out the evil spider in the end 😛


There are animals, a large dance barn, and pavilions for relaxing or listening to speakers.


Near the Dance barn you can learn about Germs how they affect us, and also about tornado’s and the impact they have.


There’s a beautiful garden, and also a balloon ride to take you from one side of the fair to the other.

You can also view the Art Gallery, and can get involved with it as well. Right out side there is a sign about a photo contest they are hosting.


Beyond just being a fair for great rides, the farm animals, and the treats. You can also go through and learn a few things. They are celebrating 100 years at the fair for spreading knowledge about a variety of different areas.


From homes and helping create better areas for people with disabilities.


If you find yourself having trouble finding your way around, there are small signs around the fair to help you get to where you want to go. And, you can even tour around on a Segway.


Besides being a State Fair there is a small little town set up on the outskirts, where you can learn about a variety of different things. From Japanese beetles, to the Avian influenza, Winter Safety and how these things can affect us.

This is a very large SIM with lots of different areas to explore, and different events going on throughout this place. Take a bit of time to explore, I had a wonderful time wandering around. I love fairs they always hold a special place in my heart from growing up.

I hope everyone has as much fun as I did here.


Happy exploring~

Toodles , till next time

Theme Parks Part -3 – WED World -WEDCOT Center

And, I’m back for another installment of Second Life Disney parks. Its so nice that there are creative Disney fans, who have taken their view point on their favorite parks, or favorite rides. And recreated them in SL for everyone to enjoy, for most of us who are not close to the actual parks we can still enjoy them in-world.


WED World- WEDCOT Center & Kingdom of Animals - Sky View

WED World- WEDCOT Center & Kingdom of Animals – Sky View

As you can see by the picture above WED World is a much larger park, with plenty to explore. It is actually made up of two theme parks in one. Really fun, there is WEDCOT Center which has the giant globe you see (which is also a ride) rides about the land, sea, and imagination. Also the World Showcase in WEDCOT brings you to different areas of the world, where you can view different cultures and have fun on a few rides while learning something new.

Entrance of WEDCOT Center & Kingdom of Animals

Entrance of WEDCOT Center & Kingdom of Animals

The conjoining park is just as amazing it’s The Kingdom of Animals, where you can visit Asia, Africa, Dinoland, and Kritter Country. Each area is different and can make you feel as is if your actually traveling through Africa to start a Safari.



With how large WED World is I’m going to split this into two separate post’s which only seems right since there really are two parks inside of the on sim of WED World. When you first land  its just like the actual park you get off the Monorail and head down the walkway to your destination. And the first area I’m going to write on is –

WEDCOT Entrance

WEDCOT Entrance

WEDCOT Center !!!

Just like the other Disney inspired parks, I love this place just as much. I can’t even say how many time I have actually been here. Countless , I try to stop at WED World on the weekends for their parade’s for both parks, the fireworks, and sometimes there is even a story time. Which is a lot of fun sometimes its accompanied with Disney trivia.

Valentines Display

Valentines Display

This is the display in the middle of the park the parades follow right in front down the street. As you can tell I was here around Valentines day. The great thing is no matter what holiday, there will be decorations around the park. It always looks amazing.



Like my other park post’s I’m not going to put everything in here to take away from exploring things for yourself. In the center of The World Showcase there is a small lake, you can take a ferry from one side of the park to the other. Its a nice peacefull ride and a complete view of the other countries in the World Showcase.

World Showcase

World Showcase

If your the type that gets a bit queezy from being on the water, and can’t find your sea legs. 😛
There is also a way to walk around the Showcase. I’ll be posting up a picture of the different Countries and just a little info on each location. The rest I’ll leave up for you to discover.



Our first stop in the World Showcase is Mexico. I’ve always loved how this building looks, and I have memories of the real one. Every time I would walk past there would always be a cool breeze which was really nice on a hot day in Orlando.

 You can step inside and everything is very festive, there is a nice relaxing boat ride where you can learn a bit about the culture.



The next stop is China, I’ve always loved the Architecture of the buildings, their just so colorful and amazing. Next to this beautiful structure there is a really fun trampoline, but be careful it’ll bounce you up pretty high.



Next stop Norway. This has always been my all time favorite stop I love everything about it, the set up, the shops, but most of all one of my Favorite rides is here. The Maelstrom



On this awesome Norwegian boat tour. You get to learn a bit about Norway’s history and the fables about different types of trolls.

Maelstrom Waterfall

Maelstrom Waterfall

Careful, dont want to end up at the bottom of the falls~



And, right next door is the U.S.A. Pavilion where you can step inside and learn a bit of history on the United States, and if you fallow upstairs there is a video The American Adventure. There is also a lovely Carriage outside right now, looks like a perfect spot for a picture. This area has also been a spot where story times have been held in the past. It does move from time to time, everyone in the park is very helpful don’t be afraid to ask if unsure. 🙂



Next stop Morocco. This is a great place to snap a few photos along the way. You can try out some authentic Moroccan dishes, learn a bit of belly dancing, and wander your way through the winding store paths. Its beautiful, I love this area.



And the last of the World Showcase, but certainly not the least is the town-side of England. There is one of the famous red phone booths, a classic pub, little shops, and

Alice in Wonderland Maze

Alice in Wonderland Maze

an Alice in Wonderland Maze, make sure not to lose the White Rabbit. 😛

Now that we’ve gone through parts of The World Showcase, its onto the fun, science, imagination rides.

Journey into Imagination with Figment

Journey into Imagination with Figment

This ride Journey into Imagination with Figment, is such a great memory from my childhood. I love that I can still get to see it as often as I’d like here in SL. I wouldn’t want to take any of the fun out of this ride for those who have never been before. So I’ll just leave this as a great trip back into childhood, defiantly not something to pass up.



There is also Horizons which takes you on a wonderful trip throughout history, creations, and possibilities for the future.

The Land & The Seas

The Land & The Seas

Here we have The Land & The Seas

In The Land Pavilion there are a few things, there is a Lion King Circle of Life video to watch learning about environmental needs and how we can help. There is also the ride SOARIN’ which takes you on a hang-gliding tour all over the place from the Golden Gate Bridge to White water rapids. And a calming boat ride ,Living with the Land teaches all about greenhouses, gardening, and even where our prims come from (hehe) . There is also a restaurant to get a bit of relaxing from running all over the park.

In The Sea’s you can take a tour through the ocean on the ride The Seas with Nemo and Friends. on your trip into the ocean while seeing many different sea creatures you are on a search to find Nemo who has gone missing. There is also an aquarium that you can view at the end of the ride. Very beautiful area, love being able to look at and learn about so many different aquatic animals in one area.

I havent put everything that you can explore , ride, or encounter throughout WEDCOT Center. There is also the Spaceship Earth ride in the Giant Globe near the entrance, do not miss out on that one either. All of WED World  is owned and created by Trevor Sleydon, he is one of the nicest people I have come across in SL, very open and welcoming person. You can find him at the parks pretty often, he is very involved with any happening going on. So, if you see him walking around or have any questions don’t be afraid to approach him I’m sure he will have no problems helping you find something or answering a question. He might even join you on one of the many rides.

WEDCOT Entrance

WEDCOT Entrance


And next time I’ll be back With The Kingdom of Animals 😀

* Just to note these parks are not affiliated with Disney in anyway, nor do they create any earnings out of these parks. Any donations brought in are put right back into the parks to keep them running. If you love these places as much as I do toss them a few L’s to keep them up & running. Its always sad when anyone’s favorite place shuts down, so lets help keep them going :)

 Toodles , till next time