* Enchanted Adventures Theme Park *

With it being summer time. I have been a bit busy with vacations and actually enjoying the weather. Which I do not have the chance to do all year round. So, being in the spirit I’m putting out a theme park post ~!


And today were going to The Enchanted Adventures Theme Park !!!

Aviary Photo_130493653387227099(The first sight from landing)

This place is great, I’ve been to this park a few times over the years. I held off for a while on posting, because I know they have been doing a HUGE restoration of the entire park. Everything about this place looks new and wonderful. So, I was excited to jump in and see how it looks.

Aviary Photo_130493655575612920(outside the landing point)

Right outside of the landing point there are train tracks that lead around the entire park, from the looks this may still be under construction. But, looking forward to hopping on once its finished.

When you head out the front doors, you can walk your way down to the Main Street entrance. First time here? No problem walk to the gazibo in the center and you will find a map of the park, to help out with what you can do here. 😀

Aviary Photo_130493664791494783

Walking down Main Street, you will find plenty of shops filled with great items. From stuffed characters toys, actual character avatars, snow globes, clothing, and many other wonderful creations.

Aviary Photo_130493662781305093( statue of Oswald & Mickey )

On the right side a bit down the street you can even find the magical cinema, step on in to catch a flick on Oswald.

Aviary Photo_130493663866462626

There’s even a small arcade with many different games to play, even wack-a-mole. And the main beauty you see at the end of the street of course is. The magical castle!!!

Aviary Photo_130493661503849311

Now, when you walk through the park there are a few different ways you can go. If you decide to go straight through the castle, you can explore the inside. At the top there are beautiful paintings from all of the favorite Disney movies. And, if you head to the back of the castle there is a lovely carousel.

Aviary Photo_130493652148994534

Finding my way around the carousel. I come across a beautiful garden filled with Alice in Wonderland.

Aviary Photo_130493671117955375

This area has three different areas, you can head to the right and see recreations from the movie.

Aviary Photo_130493669678910989

Go straight into a maze, and head to wonderland.

Aviary Photo_130493671974089829

Or go left and fallow the caterpillar through Wonderland.

Aviary Photo_130493674608525328

And, next to the Alice in Wonderland right you can even wander through the Red Queens Castle.

Aviary Photo_130493673323313337

In Enchanted Adventures you can also find a Spooky Haunted Mansion.

Aviary Photo_130493660504923342(step inside, if you dare)

Near the mansion you will also find a very large Pirate Ship, along with a fishing spot.

Aviary Photo_130493667404194427

There is also a Mysterious Island,

Aviary Photo_130493666195515005

Either choose to walk along this walkway near the pirate ship. Or, take the scenic boat across.

Aviary Photo_130493650756039268

If you are a bit more adventurous you can turn left at the boat landing and see where this tunnel leads you.

Aviary Photo_130493668520735234

At the top of the Mysterious Island, you can find a Balloon ride. Which takes you on a tour of this beautiful park. Inside the Volcano is definitely a mysterious place. Filled with danger signs and bright colorful lights.

I really had a lot of fun running around Enchanted Adventures. This place has changed and grown so much since the first time I was here. And, I cant wait to see how much it grows in the future. So, get your family together and swing on by, it’s so much fun.

And beyond what I’ve shown in photos here, there are plenty of things left to explore and experience.


Happy exploring-

Toodles , till next time

Theme Parks Part -1 (SMK) – Sarah’s Magic Kingdom

I’m going to start out my very first post. With something I was very excited to see when I first joined Second Life. Theme Parks, but especially the parks set up like Disney. I had even played Snow White for a moment at Magicland 🙂

Me as Snow White

Me as Snow White

But I’ll be  putting up a Magicland post next 🙂 This post is all For SMK / Sarah’s Magic Kingdom


SMK Castle Entrance

SMK Castle Entrance

When you first arrive at SMK  you land right in front of the castle, the entrance has landmarks to a few other Disney inspired parks and the other side has a photo of SMK’s creator Sarah Anne Sandalwood. Who is a very sweet girl she has put a lot of heart and hard work into this creation. if you go into the castle  there are plenty of pictures to look at of different Disney Characters and parts of the Parks. Down the small hallway is a wonderful tribute to the past Disney inspired park, Mouse World.


I was never able to visit Mouse World, so its really nice to be-able to see a museum devoted to paying homage.


Outside of the Castle you will see a road straight ahead which is roped off on the sides. This is setup so you can watch the Main Street Electrical parade. Which plays every-hour on the hour, there is a HUD that you can wear to help sync the music and floats. You can grab the HUD from the guys pushing the carts near the entrance.



Also after the parade you can turn your viewing towards the castle to watch a beautiful firework display.

(for best viewing set to Midnight for the parade & fireworks )

Along with a great parade and Firework show. There is also an area where you can take photos with some of your favorite Disney Characters and immerse your self as if you are in the movie/show with them. This is  very unique and lots of fun.

To not take away from the total surprise of this location I’ve taken a few pictures of the rides. But not everything to keep a bit of suspense.

Haunted Mansion Entrance

Haunted Mansion Entrance

This is one of the best rides of all time The Haunted Mansion (set viewing at Midnight before you head inside) , along with The Pirates of the Caribbean . Well in my opinion at least 😛

And both of these rides are at SMK, they are both very well made. So very close to the actual rides, that its hard to tell if its real or not 🙂

Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean

But, all of the rides here are spot-on , set-up just as they are in the actual parks :). Besides the Haunted Mansion and The Pirates of the Caribbean. There is also The Enchanted Tiki Room , Mission to Mars, The Hollywood Tower of Terror,

The Hollywood Tower of Terror

The Hollywood Tower of Terror

And Last but not least Mr. Toads Wild Ride.

Mr. Toads Wild Ride

Mr. Toads Wild Ride

And do not forget to grab the HUD’s for the rides, they are set ride outside of the attractions 🙂

To end this, SMK is a very beautifuly done tribute to Disney, and Mouse World. It is a must see for everyone in SL, a great place to bring the family, and for all Disney fans alike.


SMK's Castle

SMK’s Castle

* Just to note these parks are not affiliated with Disney in anyway, nor do they create any earnings out of these parks. Any donations brought in are put right back into the parks to keep them running. If you love these places as much as I do toss them a few L’s to keep them up & running. Its always sad when anyone’s favorite place shuts down, so lets help keep them going 🙂

 Toodles , till next time